New digital borrowing for IU books

Access an expanded selection of digitized books through the HathiTrust Digital Library.

Now available in the HathiTrust Digital Library: Full-text, digitized books that IU Libraries owns in print format. 

Founded in 2008 by a collaborative of the universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (now the Big Ten Academic Alliance), and the University of California system, HathiTrust preserves 17+ million digitized print items. Of these, 6.7 million titles are in the public domain or are Creative Commons-licensed works and available with no reading charges to everyone.

Additionally, through this temporary arrangement, Indiana University students, faculty, and staff will now log in to HathiTrust to read copyrighted titles in the collection that IU Libraries owns in print format. This will make 1.73 million additional items available while the collection is closed for print circulation. 

Users will be able to read the book online in the web browser, but will not be able to download the work in full.  Check out periods are in one-hour increments, which can be extended as long as another user has not requested access.

HathiTrust members steward this collection — the largest set of digitized books managed by academic and research libraries — under the aims of scholarly interests. The books accessed through Emergency Temporary Access Service are made available under the fair use sections of the United States Copyright Act. Copyright protections still exist for many of these books. 


Why it matters

“This new access just now helped me direct one of my graduate students to access a book they need for their Ph.D. defense that I couldn't get just a few days ago. The digitized copies in HathiTrust were search-only access and we are not circulating materials. Since we own the print version of the title, it is now activated for their use in the digital library."

- IU Librarian sharing her first experience with the Emergency Temporary Access Service

"This is going to be amazing. The folklorists at IU will be particularly happy since the entire folklore collection was digitized and went into the HathiTrust as of summer 2009. This is a game-changer!"

- Moira Marsh, Librarian for Anthropology, Folklore, and Sociology


Thanks to a rapid IUCAT integration HathiTrust availability is now displayed for each searchable item.   Look for the Orange HathiTrust logo as a visible indicator that a particular item is digitally available.   

  • All HathiTrust IU materials that are available during ETAS are discoverable when searching IUCAT without having to enable extra filters.
  • In a record where full text is available through HathiTrust, the HathiTrust button on the left-hand side has been modified slightly to include the language “Access full text at” and a link below about ETAS.
  • When someone selects this HathiTrust button, they are taken to authenticate with IU Login or, if previously logged in, will be taken directly to the resource or to “check out” the resource if there is a user limit.
A screenshot image displays the search results in IUCAT for an item that is available in the HathiTrust




Through the Emergency Temporary Access Service, you have access to items that are in your institution’s library which match a digitized copy in HathiTrust. The data to determine your access is provided to HathiTrust by the library, and updates are submitted periodically. In addition, you get regular access to books that are in the public domain and books that are open with a Creative Commons license. You do not have access to copyrighted items that are not held by your library.


HathiTrust is now an international community of research libraries committed to the long-term curation and availability of the cultural record. IU Libraries has been sending materials for digitization since 2007 when the Big Ten Academic Alliance partnered with Google to digitize millions of volumes across all of the universities, which are then ingested into the HathiTrust for preservation and shared access.  IU Libraries is a proud member of the HathiTrust Digital Library community and has contributed over 800,000 volumes. Through the terms of service, items shared by other universities that match holdings in our own library serve as a digital surrogate for physical items during emergency access situations. 

Through the Emergency Temporary Access Service, each university or library has access only to the number of digital copies that the library told us they had. If your library holds only 1 print copy on the shelves, then only 1 user affiliated with your university can access the digital book in HathiTrust at a time. Please be courteous, and return books as soon as you’re done with them.


Books that are labeled with “Temporary Access” are provided through the Emergency Temporary Access Service. These books are more restricted, and we cannot provide full-book download access to these books.  Other books are in the public domain and can be more freely shared. 



HathiTrust can provide simultaneous access only to the number of print copies that your institution’s library holds. For example, if your library holds only 1 print copy on the shelves, then only 1 user affiliated with your university can access the digital book in HathiTrust at a time. If your library holds 2 print copies, then only 2 users can access the digital book simultaneously. You may want to encourage your students to return the book as soon as they are done using it.