The 2022-2023 CFP for Fellows is now live! View details on the IU Libraries website. Contact Sarah Hare ( with questions. 


IUB Libraries and IUPUI Libraries have created a Course Material  Fellowship Program for instructors interested in adopting or creating affordable course materials. Modeled after the successful Mosaic Faculty Fellowship Program, the Course Material Fellowship Program pilot year will provide instructors with a $2,000 stipend, the expertise of librarians and instructional technologists, and the opportunity to learn alongside their peers. Course material fellows will be encouraged to utilize a variety of solutions and strategies to transition their course to a zero textbook cost course. These may include Open Educational Resources (OER), library eBooks and databases, and instructor-created materials. The stipend will compensate instructors for the time and labor inherent in attending workshops and customizing content so that it is aligned with their learning objectives.

"In my experience, these opportunities are not only transformational because they make course materials accessible to all students—they are also transformational in that they give instructors more agency and inspire experimentation.”  

Sarah Hare, Scholarly Communication Librarian

Some of the instructor expectations for the Fellowship involve replacing a traditional textbook with an alternative that costs nothing, attending three workshops, evaluating new course materials, and placing transformed course materials in an open repository.

In addition to librarians specializing in an instructor’s content area and Open Access solutions, the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL), and the UITS Digital Education Programs and Initiatives Team will be available to help instructors craft new materials. Participants will have a variety of new options and approaches to utilize. Modeled after the successful Mosaic Faculty Fellowship Program, the Course Material Fellowship will provide instructors opportunities such as utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER), creating Pressbooks with their own material, and using library eBooks and databases.

The goals of the Course Material Fellowship Program are to help students afford college, to facilitate and inspire the development of alternatives to high-cost textbooks, to have course materials in the hands of all students on day one regardless of their economic status, and to centralize support for instructors working with these solutions.

Fellowship Program Goals

The Fellowship Program aims to:

  • Lower the cost of college for students in order to contribute to their retention, progression, and graduation
  • Encourage the development of alternatives to high-cost textbooks by supporting the adoption, adaptation, and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Make course material access on the first day of class a reality for all students, regardless of socioeconomic status
  • Support instructors in navigating the variety of affordable course materials solutions available and aggregate instructor supports across campus into one space

Fellowship Implementation Group

  • Sarah Hare, Scholarly Communication Librarian, IU Bloomington
  • Willa Tavernier, Open Scholarship Resident, IU Bloomington
  • Justin Kani, Business/ SPEA Librarian, IUPUI
  • Emily Oakes, Principal Unizin IT Consultant, UITS
  • Madeleine Gonin, Principal Instructional Technology Consultant, CITL
  • Amy Minix, Visiting Sciences Librarian, IU Bloomington
  • Gary Arave, Research and Instruction Librarian, IU Bloomington
  • Jane Bomkamp Mason, Jay Information Literacy Librarian, IU Bloomington 
  • Alexus Hunt, Project Coordinator and Graduate Assistant

Course Material Transformation Fellow Recipients

Miranda Rodak

Department of English 

IU Bloomington

ENG-L 204

Introduction to Fiction

Kim Donahue

Kelley School of Business


BUSI-M 374

Honors Marketing: Integrated Experience

Megan Hansen Connolly

Second Language Studies

IU Bloomington


Kathy Berlin

Department of Health Sciences



Health Services Practicum

Valia Kalaitzi

Department of Global Health


PBHL-A 120

Regional Cultures and Mortality

 Amy Powell and Julia Sanders



Campus Level Course Template

 Heaven Hollender

Department of Health Sciences


HLSC-H 264

Disability & Society

Sapna Mehta

Department of Biology

IU Bloomington


Molecular Biology

Todd Peabody

School of Optometry

IU Bloomington

OPT-V 550

Clinical Sciences

Roxie Barnes

School of Nursing

IU Bloomington


Complex Processes

Kathryn Graber

Department of Anthropology

IU Bloomington

ANTH-L 200

Language and Culture

Shana Stump

Department of Political Science


POLS-Y 380

Selected Topics in Democratic Government

Rick Hullinger

Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences

IU Bloomington

PSY-K 300

Statistical Techniques