Cook Music Library Technology

The Cook Music Library offers over 90 computers for use by library patrons. Most are found in two large Student Computing Centers on the first and third floors of the Music Library and are supported by IU's University Information Technology Services (UITS) in partnership with Libraries IT and Music IT Services. All computers include standard professional software for office applications, graphic design, music notation, digital music library, and other specialized music software packages. A complete list of software available in the STC labs is provided at IUware. Music-related software on music library computers includes Finale, Sibelius, Max, Photoscore, and Garageband (on Macs only).

Plotter printers are available in the Wells Library and the Indiana Memorial Union for printing larger items. 

Technology Offerings

Documentation and handouts are available on the Indiana University Knowledge Base. You can also try asking Music ITS for asstistance at musicits @ UITS student worker consultants are periodically available on the first floor to answer general questions, including those about printing.

For music software-related questions contact the Music Library Instructional Technology staff by emailing musicits @, or visiting their office in the Simon building in room C140.

The IUB Libraries partner with UITS to provide wireless access throughout the public areas in libraries around the IU Bloomington campus. IU students, faculty, staff and affiliates should connect to Eduroam, the University's primary wireless network. Visitors to campus from other institutions that subscribe to Eduroam will be able to use this network on all IU campuses. All other visitors can connect to the free IU Guest Wireless Network.


Images of these printers may be viewed at A General Guide to the Music Library.

There are 3 printers available in the music library: 2 on the first floor in the computer lab, and 1 on the 3rd floor near the elevator. All 3 printers offer black and white, color, and multiple size printing (8.5 x 11, legal, and 11 x 17).

Print allotments are available for IU Bloomington students and faculty through their University accounts.

There are two main ways to print a document: from a STC (computer lab) or other library computer, or, from your personal device.

  • When using computers within the music library, you will easily be able to send your document to one of the 3 large format printers. If you are printing sheet music that is not originally formatted in 8.5 x 11 size, it is much better to print using a library-owned computer. If you print music from your device, it might not render in the correct size.
  • When printing from your device, you can either use the Pharo app, or, the Mobile Print Website.
  • If you want to print anything on legal or 11 x 17 paper, you MUST either use a library-owned computer, or, set up the IU Print BYOD package.

If you  need to print a large poster or banner, there is a plotter printer in Wells Library located within the UITS help desk area.


External drives (for playing compact discs), HDMI cables, and various adapters can be obtained at the circulation desk. 

Images of our technology may be viewed at A General Guide to the Music Library.

First Floor

  • 35 Windows PC workstations are available in the STC (computer lab). Workstations each offer 1 USB port, 1 USBC/lightning port, and 2 headphones ports. Rolling chairs can be easily pushed away for those who have their own chair. One of these workstations is electronically height-adjustable
  • 4 solstice work stations are also available in the STC
  • 3 Windows PC workstations are provided by the Libraries near the first floor restrooms. 2 of these computers are located at counter height, and 1 is stationed at wheelchair height. All 3 workstations offer CD drives, multiple USB ports, and headphone ports.
  • 2 Windows PC computers with special equipment are available in the Reference room: one with a microfilm reader, and one with a listening station that can accommodate cassettes and LPs.

Second Floor
The second floor, intended to be an area for quiet study, has no large clusters of computers but has 4 Windows PCs at counter height intended primarily for quick access to email or IUCAT.

Third Floor

  • 15 Macs are available near the elevator; 10 of the macs have midi keyboards attached. Of the 5 remaining macs, one has an electronically height-adjustable workstation, and 2 have large flatbed scanners. Software includes Finale, Sibelius, Max, Garageband, and Photoscore.
  • 26 PCs are available in the STC (computer lab) near the bound periodicals. Workstations each offer 1 USB port, 1 USBC/lightning port, and 2 headphones ports. Rolling chairs can be easily pushed away for those who have their own chair.
  • 2 solstice workstations are also available in this STC
  • 18 PCs are provided by the Libraries within the bound periodicals ranges; 10 of these have midi keyboards attached. Software incudes Finale, Sibelius, Max, and Photoscore.
  • One workstation contains a viewing station with a VCR, laser disc player, and a 12-channel mic/line mixer

M373 Computer Lab Classroom
The M373 Classroom contains 33 Macintosh computers each with an attached MIDI Keyboard (5 of which have a full 88 keyed keyboards), and an instructor's station connected to a projector. This room is scheduled for classes and functions as an open lab when not occupied by a class - the class schedule is posted on the door and is updated weekly. Ad hoc reservations may be made by emailing musched (at) indiana (dot) edu.

Group Study Rooms
Two group study rooms are available on the third floor. Each room can accommodate up to 6 people. Both rooms have a conference table, whiteboard, large monitor, RCA/composite/HDMI connectivity.

If you're interested in reserving one of these group study rooms, visit the circulation desk in-person or book online

Visitors wanting to use Library computers can get a free Temporary Computer Account (guest account) by visiting the circulation desk. Simply present a current government-issued photo ID and ask for a Temporary Computer Account (guest account). Priority use of library workstations is for students, faculty and staff of Indiana University. 

All users are asked to please note our statement on Appropriate Use of Public Access Computers.