Continued Library Services Following Public Health Library Closure

Posted by Elinor Okada, Operations Manager

The Public Health Library (PHL) closed permanently at the end of the day on May 8, 2015.

Below is a brief overview of what to expect.

Books and bound journals

Collections are currently being physically transferred to the ALF from PHL. All new acquisitions for the Public Health Library will be sent directly to ALF. New titles that are heavily used will be transferred to the Wells Library as they become identified.


Beginning the summer of 2015, print reserves for the current academic semester will be moved to the Wells Library. There will be a library services office in the School of Public Health for the librarian and graduate student staff.

Public Health has been removed as a delivery option in IUCAT. Faculty and graduate students with secure mailboxes are encouraged to sign up for office delivery service.  Anyone can select a pick up location of their choice using IUCAT.

For additional services such as Reference and Instructional support, contact Jian Liu, Head of the Science Libraries.