Index to Indexes of Indiana State Publications

Publication indicates no author, no publisher, no date. It is assumed it was released through the Indiana State Library. Digitized by ET2 Government Information staff at the IUB Wells Library.

[Note: Pencilled notes indicating location at Indiana University Bloomington have been included in this digital copy using current terminology ?.. May 2000.]


Archaeology 18

Conservation 4

Education Institutions Publications 14

General Listing 1, 2 (includes index to Off. Reports, 1800-1890), 5, 6, 6a, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 15a, 16, 19

Geographical 17

Historical Bureau Publications 3

Indiana Authors 17

Laws 2, 12, 17

Printing and Distribution 8, 10, 11

Territorial 2, 12


1. Bowker, R. R. State publications: a provisional list of the official publications of the several states of the United States from the time of their organization. Publ., Weekly, 1879-1908. [IUB ET2: Z1223.5 .A1B7 V.1-4]

A general index to 1900. Less complete for the later years.

2. Howe, D.W. A descriptive catalogue of the official publications of the Territory and State of Indiana from 1800 to 1890, including references to the laws establishing the various state offices and institutions, and an index to the official reports. Indianapolis, Bowen-Morrill Co., 1890. 91p.

2a. Also in Indiana Historical Society Publications. Volume 2, no. 5. p.135-230. [IUB Research Collections F522 .I6 Vol. 2 ]

A good descriptive catalog to 1890. Contains a complete index (to 1890) of the Documentary Journals and considerable historical information about the state offices and agencies.

3. Indiana. -- Library and historical dept. -- Historical bureau. Publications of the Indiana Historical Bureau. (In Indiana History bulletin. v. 10, no. 11. August. 1933. p. 547-8) [IUB Research Collections. F521 .I53. For later issue see Indiana History Bulletin, February 1953.]

A price list.

4. Indiana. Library and Historical dept. Library division. Checklist of the numbered publications, Department of conservation of the State of Indiana. Compiled by Dorothy Charles. (In the Library occurrent. V. 10, No. 6. p.310-322. April-June 1932).
[IUB ET2: Z691 .L65]

5. Indiana. State Library. Bulletin. [IUB Z881 .I62 and Z881 .I63]

Formerly issued bi-monthly. Each issue contained a list of Indiana State publications received by the State library during the preceding two months.

6. Indiana. State Library. Catalogue, 1903. Indianapolis, 1904.
IUB Z932 .I4

Contains "the most complete printed list of Indiana documents yet prepared." American Historical Association. Annual Report, 1910. p. 320.

6a. ---- ---- supplement, April 1, 1905. Indianapolis, 1905.

6b. ---- ----supplement, October 1, 1906. Indianapolis, 1906.

7. Indiana. State Library. Index to Documentary Journal of Indiana to 1899. Indianapolis, 1900. [IUB ET2: Z732 .I6 1898-1900.]

(In 23d biennial report of the librarian of the Indiana State Library, 1899-1900. Appendix 3)

8. Indiana. State Library. State documents and publications distributed by the State Library. (In Indiana. State Library. Biennial Report).
[Z732 .I6]

This list was a regular feature of the State Librarian's Reports.

9. Lapp, J.A. Public Documents of Indiana. (In the Library Occurrent. V. 2, no. 6 and 7, p. 108-11 and 130-33. March, June 1910)
[IUBĀ ET2: Z671 .L5]

A careful statement regarding the nature and content of the more important serials.

10. Library Occurrent; issued by the Indiana State Library. Quarterly.
[IUB ET2: Z671 .L5]

Each issue lists the Indiana documents received in the State Library during the preceding quarter and indicates which ones are given to the library for distribution.

11. Lindley, Harlow. Report on the archives of the state of Indiana. (In American Historical Association. Annual Report, 1910. p. 315-30) [IUB Research Collections E172 .A5]

An expansion of an article which appeared in American Historical Association. Annual report, 1900. Contains a statement of the usage governing printing and distribution of documents.

12. Rauch, J.G. A bibliography of the laws of Indiana, 1788-1927, beginning with the Northwest Territory, by John G. Rauch and Nellie C. Armstrong. Indianapolis, Historical Bureau of the Indiana Library and Historical Department., 1928. 77p. (Indiana Historical Collections. XVI) [ IUB ET2: Z522 .I5]

A complete bibliography of "the session laws and revisions made by territorial or state authority, together with certain privately compiled revisions or reprints which cover a complete session of a longer period." Pref. p. vii.

13. Reese, EJ. State Documents for libraries. Urbana, University of Illinois, 1915. 163 p. (Bulletin. V. 12, no. 36)

Out-of-date, but contains useful information on the documents of all the states.

14. Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada. Ed. By Winifred Gregory. N.Y. H.W. Wilson, 1927. [Z6945 .U45 1943.]

---- ---- Supplement, Jan. 1925-June 1931.

---- ---- Supplement. July 1931-December 1932.

[---- ---- Supplement, 1941-1945. Z6945 .U451 1941-43.]

Good for the publications of the educational institutions and other serial publications.

15. The U.S. Catalog, books in print January 1, 1928. N.Y., H.W. Wilson, 1928. [Z1215 .U5]

15a. ---- ---- Supplement. C.B. I., 1928-date. [Z1215 .U5]

Lists numerous miscellaneous publications as well as some serials.

16. U.S. Library of Congress. Monthly Checklist of State publications. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1910-date.

Lists those documents received by the Library of Congress from the state.

17. Yohn brothers, Indianapolis, Catalog of a collection of books relating to the history and geography of Indiana and books by Indiana authors . . . Indianapolis, Yohn brothers, 1878. 16 p. [Z1281 .Y5]

Gives a fair list of session laws and mentions a few other scattering Indiana documents.

18. Indiana. Library and historical department. Historical Bureau. Bibliography on Indiana archaeology. Compiled by Eli Lilly. (Indiana History Bulletin, Vol. IX, number 8, May 1932.) [pam bd. ET2; also in Research Collection, F521 .I53, v. 9.]

19. Indiana. Library and Historical Department. Historical Bureau. A list of references on Indiana History, compiled by Richard B. Sealock. (Indiana History Bulletin, volume XXVI, number 11, November 1949). Pam bound copy in ET2, also in Research Collection Stacks F521 .I53.

A suggestive list of Indiana state publications, composed mainly of current serials, Annual reports have been omitted. With the exception of the official reports of the educational, benevolent, and correctional institutions, the annual reports are contained in the Year Book.

21. Ball state teachers college, Muncie. Bulletin. Quarterly.

Includes the college catalog.

21. Indiana academy of science. Proceedings. 1891-date. [Q11 .A57]

22. Indiana. Appellate court. Indiana appellate court reports, v.1-date. 1890-date. [6437 Sa1-117, 199-121.]

23. Indiana. Attorney-general. Opinions of the attorney-general. [J87 . I64 b]

Biennial. Official opinions of the attorney-general furnished to the General assembly and other state agencies on matters pertaining to their official duties.

24. Indiana business review: a monthly summary of trade and industry in Indiana. Bloomington, Bureau of business research. Indiana University. [HF5001 .I55]

25. Indiana. Constitution. Constitution of the State, and the Constitutional convention. 1851. 32p.[ JK5625 1850 .A13 Special]

This constitutional convention also issued a Journal and a report of its debates and proceedings.

26. Indiana. Dept. of commerce and industry. Division of public health. Monthly bulletin, 1899-date. [RA 61 .B1]

A continuation of the Monthly bulletin published by the Board of Health. Contains up-to date vital statistics.

27. Indiana. Dept. of conservation. Publications. [HC107 .I6]

28. Indiana. Dept. of conservation. Division of agriculture. Outdoor Indiana. Monthly. [ HC107 .I609]

Began publication February 1934. A well-illustrated, popularly written magazine which contains information about the activities of the six divisions of the department. Supersedes the three monthly bulletins formerly issued by the Divisions of fish and game, forestry, and entomology.

29. Indiana. Dept. of public instruction. Bulletin. [L146 .C58]

Indexed as monographs in the Education Index.

30. Indiana. Dept. of public instruction. Indiana school directory. Biennial [L903 .I61]

31. Indiana. Dept. of public welfare. Indiana bulletin of charities and correction. [HV86 .I64]

Formerly issued by the Board of state charities. Indexed in P.A.I.S.

32. Indiana. Division of accounting and statistics. Statistical report for the state of Indiana. [HA361.A3]

Annual. Issued until this past year by the Legislative bureau of the Library and historical department. I have been informed that the compilation of the report has been transferred to the Division of accounting and statistics.

33. Indiana. Division of accounting and statistics. Yearbook of the state of Indiana. 1917-date. [JK5631 .I6]

Manual of the state government. Formerly issued by the Legislative bureau.

33. Indiana General assembly. Brevier legislative reports. 1858-1907. [J87 .I6q]

Condensed reports by W.H. and S. E. Drapier of the debates and proceedings of the General assembly, 1858-87. v.1-2 called Legislative sentinel. V.3 and 16 not published.

34. Indiana. General assembly Documentary journals. 1836-1907. [J87 .I6q]

Variously entitled "Documents", "Senate and House documents", "Documentary journals" and "Annual reports". Composed largely of the annual reports of state officers and other documents submitted to the General Assembly. Before 1835 these documents were printed as part of the House and Senate journals. From 1835-1851 the Documentary journals were published annually, from 1851-1907 biannually.

A checklist of the set to 1899 is contained in the 23d biennial report of the librarian of the Indiana state library, 1898-1900. Appendix B [Z732 .I6 v. 23.]

35. Indiana. General assembly. Indiana legislative directory. Biennial.

36. Indiana. General assembly. House of representatives. Journal. 1816-date. [J87 .I6a; and on film J3 (1816-30)]

From 1816-1851 the legislature assembled annually, since then biennially on the odd year.

37. Indiana. General assembly. Senate. Journal. 1816-date. [J87 .I6b]

Annual. 1816-1851; biennial since 1851.

The governors' messages, addresses, and proclamations are issued in separate pamphlet form and were also bound in the Documentary Journals (1835-1907). The messages to the legislature are printed in the Senate and House Journals. The governor's messages and letters have been compiled in 3v. by Logan Esaray and published in the Indiana Historical Collections, V. 7, 9, 12. The messages are listed in the state library catalog, 1903. [F526 .I5]

38. Indiana. Governor. Reprieves, commutations, and pardons. Biennial report. 1853-date. [HV7264 .A35 (1852-88 only.)]

39. Indiana. Laws, statutes, etc. Annotated Indiana Statutes, 1934, containing all acts of a general public nature in force Jan. 1, 1934, including also the state and federal constitutions, court rules and certain selcted federal laws, all completely annotated; ed. By Harrison Burns, rev. by Benjamin F. Waton; this ed. By the publisher's editorial staff. Indianapolis, Bobb, Merriall, 1934. 12 v. [ET2.]

The most recent compilation of statutes.

40. Indiana. Laws, statutes, etc. Laws of the state of Indiana. 1817-date.

The biennial session laws are distributed by the Secretary of state to the clerks of the circuit courts. Librarians may obtain them from the clerk of the court in their respective counties.

It is numbered since the 43d general assembly. The 44th was designated as the 45th, and the error has been continued.

41. Indiana. Library and historical dept. Historical bureau. Indiana Historical Collections. 19 v. [F526 .I5]

Listed in Indiana history bulletin. v. 10, no. 11. p.547-8. August 1933. [F521 .I53 41.]

42. Indiana Library and Historical dept. Historical bureau. Indiana history bulletin. 1923-date. [F521 .I53]

Published monthly in cooperation with the Indiana historical society.

43. Indiana magazine of history. 1905-date. Bloomington, Ind. Quarterly.

Published by the Dept. of history, Indiana University, in cooperation with the Indiana historical society. Free to members of the Indiana historical society.

Formerly Indiana quarterly magazine of history.

General index v. 1-25, 1905-1929.

44. Indiana state teachers college. Terre Haute. Bulletin.

Includes the college catalog.

44. Indiana. Supreme Court. Indiana reports. V. 1-date, 1847-date.

Preceded by Blackford's reports, 1817-1847.

45. Indiana University. Bulletin, official series.

Includes the University catalog and the Bulletin of the summer session, extension division, and each of the various schools. Free upon application to the Secretary of the University.

46. Indiana University. News-letter. Monthly.

47. Indiana University. Studies.

Monographs written by members of the University faculty. Published four times a year. For sale by the University book-store, Bloomington. Limited free distribution by Indiana University Library.

48. Indiana University. Extension Division. Bulletin.

49. Indiana University. School of education. Bulletin. v.1 - date. 1924-date.

Indexed in the Education indesx and Loyola digest.

50. Indiana University. Bureau of business research. Indiana studies in business. 1926-date.

51. Library Occurrent. Issued by the Indiana State Library. V.1-date. Apr. 1906-date.

Quarterly. Free to all libraries in the state. Regularly lists Indiana documents recieved at the State Library.

52. Purdue University, Lafayette. Bulletin. [LD1. P9]

Includes the annual catalog.

53. Purdue University, Lafayette. Dept. of agriculture extension. Extension bulletin. [S59 .E54 #101-250(1922-194_)]

54. ---- ---- Leaflet.

55. Purdue University, Lafayette. Division of educational reference. Educational reference circular. [LB2305 .P9]

56. ---- ----. Studies in higher education. [LB2305 .P92 1-2, 4-57, 11-79.]

57. Purdue University, Lafayette. Agricultural experiment station. Circular. [S59 .E23 1-150, 176-250 (1903-1959.)]

58. ---- ---- Bulletin. [S59 .E2 #26-275, 301-450 (1889-1941)]

59. ---- ---- Indiana crops and live stock. Monthly. S59 .[Z2 #1-14 (1925-26)]

60. Purdue University, Lafayette. Engineering extension dept. Extension series. [TA 1 .I65.]

61. Purdue University, Lafayette. Engineering experiment station. Research bulletin. [TA1 .I65]

62. The Teachers college journal. V.1-date, Sept. 1922-date. Terre Haute, Indiana state teachers college. [L11 .T14]

Bi-monthly. Indexed in the Education index. Limited free distribution.


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