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Covers Mexican-American topics and the broader Latino experience of Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Central American immigrants.

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Produced by the Ethnic Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley, this bibliographic index covers a wide range of materials focused on the Mexican-American and Chicano experience, as well as the broader Latino experience of Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans and Central American immigrants since 1992. Its content is designed to further research, teaching and scholarship for Chicano studies programs and extended ethnic studies curricula, giving researchers targeted access to materials that explore the broad dimensions of class, race and gender within the Chicano and Latino U.S. experience. (OCLC)
Portions of the Chicano Database are available in print format as: the Chicano Periodical Index, covering 1967-1988; the Chicano Index, covering 1989-1993; Arte Chicano : an Annotated Bibliography of Chicano Art, 1965-1981; the Chicano Anthology Index; the Chicana Studies Index : Twenty Years of Gender Research, 1981-1991; and Hispanic Mental Health Research : A Reference Guide, covering 1920-1980.

Coverage: Early 1900s to present - Updated monthly

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