Note: The subscription to GeoLytics' Census CD is no longer maintained but the CD items listed below are still accessible. There is a current subscription to Simply Analytics  which is available online through IUB libraries.

U.S. Census


Check IUCAT for DVD and CD-ROM holdings that are acquired directly from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.  Examples of CD/DVD files we have acquired and retain in GIMMS Wells Library Computer Disks Cabinets include:

  • 110th Congressional District Summary Files.  2007 C 3.282/4:110
  • Econ 02 Report Series. January 2007.  C 3.277:
  • Census 2000 special tabulation on aging: census of population and housing.  2005     C 3.281/2:
  • Decennial census 2000 school district tabulation (STP2) data):  ED 1.134:D 35/DVD
  • Census DVD: Long form SF3 Release 2.2  HA 201.122 .C467 2004

More than 150 CD/DVDs have been received with census data so consult staff as needed.

CensusCD from Geolytics

2000 Census

CensusCD 2000.
Published: East Brunswick, NJ: Geolytics, 2001
Description: 7 CD-ROMs
Disc 1. Redistricting
Disc 2. Blocks
Disc 3. Short Form
Disc 4. Short Form Blocks, Region 1
Disc 5. Short Form Blocks, Region 2
Disc 6. Short Form Blocks, Region 3
Disk 7. Short Form Blocks, Region 4
Contents: User Guide 1. Short Form Blocks
User Guide. Blocks --
User Guide 3. Short Form --
User Guide 4. Redistricting.

CensusCD 2000: long form SF3.
Version: Release 2.0. Published: E. Brunswick, NJ : GeoLytics, [2002?]
Contents: User Guide
Region 1. Northeast -- Region 2. Midwest -- Region 3. South --Reigion 4. West. Summary: Contains complete Census 2000 long form data and calculating tools for access to area statistics and mapping.

StreetCD 2000B.
Version: Version 2.0.
Published: East Brunswick, N.J.: GeoLytics, c1996-2002.
Notes: Developed by GeoLytics. The data in the Product is not public domain. It is the result of extensive and creative selection, correction, enrichment, verification, and other creative and analytical forms of enhancement by many professionals associated with GeoLytics, and contains proprietary elements.
Notes: "September 2001"--User guide.
Notes: Data and program first released in 1996.
Notes: Files available in two formats, Arcview or Mapinfo.
Contents: Region 1: NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT -- Region 2: NC, PA, SC, WV --Region 3: KY, OH, TN, VA -- Region 4: FL, GA --Region 5: AL, LA, MS -- Region 6: AR, KS, MO, OK --Region 7: NM, TX -- Region 8: IL, IN, IA, MI -- Region9: MN, ND, SD, WI -- Region 10: CO, MT, NE, UT, WY -- Region 11: AZ, CA, NV --Region 12: ID, OR, WA, AK, HI,AS, GU, MP, PR, UM, VI. Summary: "Includes all layer data from Tiger/Line 2000 files"
User guide: Some sections pertain primarily to Libraries or Educational Institutions, Non-Profit Users, and For-Profit Users, and these sections will be so noted.
On CD-Rom only.


1990 Census

Version: Version 3.0
Published: East Brunswick, NJ: GeoLytics, c1999.
Notes: Copyright date on guide: 1998; date on disc: c1996-1999.
Summary: Contains complete 1990 US census data down to census block group, projections of demographics and consumerspending, complete map boundaries for all block groups, and county statistics from 1790 to 1996. Allows user to select, report, and map data.

CensusCD blocks: complete U.S. block data and maps.|
Version: 1.0. Published: [East Brunswick, New Jersey] : GeoLytics, c1998.
Summary: " ... contains all the population and housing data from the Census Bureau's STF 1B and PL94-171 files, the latest TIGER boundaries, and over 50 geographic identifiers, including 1980 FIPS codes, and Zip Codeto census block relationships. CensusCD Blooks incorporates many other value added data items and such as calculating population and their characteristics by distance around a point and enables customized data and map extracts based on user-defined variables or geographic identifiers."--User guide, leaf 2.

1980 Census

CensusCD 1980.
Version: Version 1.0.
Published: New Brunswick, N.J.: GeoLytics, Inc., c1999.
Notes: Date on user guide: March 1999.
Notes: Serial no. on guide: 3093710395357.
Summary: "CensusCD 1980, is the first product to allow access to the complete results of the 1980 US census, down to the census tract. Over 1,500 demographics, and geographic identifiers exist for every geographic area. Over 50 demographics from the 1990 census, have been converted back to 1980 geographic areas. And a set of 1980 maps, along with mapping software, have been included."

CensusCD+maps. (1990)
Version: Version 2.0
Published: East Brunswick, NJ: GeoLytics, c1998.
Description: 1 computer optical disc : col. ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 quick start guide (43 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.) + 1 upgrade diskette (3 1/2 in.).

CensusCD. (1990)
Version: Version 1.1.
Published: New Brunswick, N.J.: GeoLytics, Inc. ; c1996.
Notes: Information from disk: Upgrade Jan 2, 1997; date on user guide: March 20, 1997.
Summary: "Census CD is the only complete Census reference on a single CD, anywhere. It includes the full set of Census data from Block Group level up to the nation, all 16 geographies included in the Census long form databases STF#A to D, all tracts, places, counties, states, Congressional districts, Indian, Zipz, etc, over 375,000 geographic locations in the US."