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Historical reference materials related to the national heritage and political development of the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans, the Caucasus, Southeast Asia, and China and the Far East.
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Albania & Kosovo : political and ethnic boundaries, 1867-1946
Armenia : political and ethnic boundaries, 1878-1948
Caucasian boundaries : documents and maps, 1802-1946
Ethnic minorities in the Balkan States, 1860-1971
Greece : ethnicity and sovereignty, 1820-1994 : atlas and documents
The historical boundaries between Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia: documents and maps, 1815-1945
Montenegro : political and ethnic boundaries, 1840-1920
Oil resources in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus : British documents, 1885-1978
Proceedings of the Caucasian Archaeographical Commission, 1886-1904
Soviet Union political reports, 1917-1970
Yugoslavia : political diaries, 1918-1965
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