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from  ""Nimiidaa!" [Let's all dance!]: Music and Dance of the Northern Intertribal Powwow." by Christopher A. Scales and Gabriel Desrosiers, pg. 160-185
In The Music of Multicultural America

Edited by Kip Lornell and Anne K. Rasmussen

2015, The Northern Wind Singers.
This is an example of an “Original style” or “Straight style” song, which are songs that use vocables only. The tempo of this song makes it particularly appropriate for Grass dancing or Men’s Traditional dancing. Notice how the song builds in intensity as the singers vary their drumming technique. During the first two push ups, the singers drum softly on on the rim of the drum and only hit the drum squarely in the center during the honor beats. All of the singers only begin striking the drum towards the center shortly after the rendering of the lead phrase of the third push up of the song. This louder, stronger drumming continues throughout rest of the song.
Men with drum sticks sit around and bang on a large drum and sing together.
The Northern Wind Singers performing at the 2013 Mount Pleasant Powwow. Photo by Christopher Scales.

Permission Information: Copyright - Northern Wind / Northern Wind (888295245951). This recording is used with the permission of Gabriel Desrosiers.