1967.1.7               1-67       Bayh to Introduce Direct Election Amendment; Praises ABA Commission
1967.1.7               2-67       Bayh Announces 2nd Annual High School Government Leadership Conference, Feb. 11
1967.1.9               3-67       Bayh Predicts Approval by Congress of Direct Popular Election Proposal
1967.1.10             4-67       Bayh Launches Effort on Electing President by Direct Popular Vote
1967.1.11             5-67       Bayh Urges Step-Up on Education, Investigation to Decrease Crime
1967.1.12             6-67       Statement on Extending Franchise in Indiana to 19-Year Olds (submitted in writing to a Committee of the Indiana State Senate)
1967.1.10             7-67       Bayh Praises President's Stand on Crime Control
1967.1.                 8-67       Indiana Likely to Receive More Funds for Highways
1967.1.16             9-67       Bayh Vows Fight If President Renominates Poats to AID Post
1967.1.               10-67       Bayh Praises Hartke Appointment to Democratic Steering Committee
1967.1.               11-67       Bayh Denounces Proposed Toll Increase on St. Lawrence Seaway
1967.1.21           12-67      Bayh Announces Participants in High School Conference
    --                        --            Bayh-Lines: Interns Learning Government First Ha
1967.1.22           13-67      Bayh Moves to Strengthen Disaster Relief Law of '66
1967.1.25           14-67      Bayh Warns Against Further Cutbacks in Highway Funds
1967.1.               15-67       Dunes Area Meetings Scheduled
1967.1.24           16-67      Bayh Proposed Naming Dunes National Park for Schricker
1967.1.               17-67      Bayh Amendment on Presidential Inability Nearing Ratification
1967.1.31           18-67     Bayh to Reopen Crime Hearings in Houston, Texas, on Feb. 6
1967.2.6                 --          Statement Opening Crime Hearings in Houston Feb. 6
1967.2.6             19-67      Bayh Raps "Reverse-Guilt Syndrome" in Resumption of Crime Hearings
1967.2.8             21-67      A.I.D. Saves $300,000 on First Steel Order
1967.2                22-67      36 States Have Ratified 25th Amendment; Two More Needed
1967.2.11           23-67      Bayh Tells High School Conference That They Must Aid Quelling Crime
1967.2.10           24-67      25th Amendment Ratified: Bayh, A.B.A. Are Praised
1967.2.10           25-67      Bayh to Continue Crime Hearings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Feb. 16 and 17
1967.2.11               --          Bayh Demands "Strict Competence" from A.I.D. Officials in Viet Nam
1967.2.16           26-67      Bayh Continues Crime Hearings in Milwaukee Today, Tomorrow
1967.2.15           27-67      Bayh Seeks Congressional Resolution Asking LBJ to Reverse Highway Cutback (includes Senate Concurrent Resolution introduced by Bayh
1967.2.20           28-67      Bayh Continues Nationwide Crime Probe: Third Stop  - Omaha, Nebraska (includes list of witnesses)
1967.2.               28-67       Bayh Announces Meetings in Dunes Area
1967.2.                  --            Bayh-Lines: Tragedy at Cape Kennedy Affects Hoosiers Deeply
1967.2.27           29-67      43 Senators Co-Sponsor Bayh Highway Resolution
1967.3.1             30-67       Bayh Declares Senate Has Chance to Protest A.I.D. Program in Vietnam
1967.3.               31-67       Mrs. Bayh Schedules Indiana Appearances
1967.3.6             32-67       Bayh Seeks U.S. Sharing in Cost of Cal Sag Project [Calumet-Sag navigation project]
1967.3.10           33-67       Bayh to Make Easter Seal Tour
1967.3.                  --            Bayh-Lines: Indonesia Seems to Be Headed Back into Family of Nations
1967.3.9             34-67       Bayh to Support Consular Treaty: Explains Reasons in a Statement
1967.3.11           35-67       Bayh Fears That Crime Does Pay in U.S. Today
1967.3.13           36-67       Bayh Hails Decision Not to Raise Tolls on St. Lawrence Seaway
1967.3.20           37-67       Bayh Joins Effort to Maintain Editorially Independent Newspapers
1967.3.                  --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: The Effort in Washington to Reward Incompetence
1967.3.               38-67       Bayh Says Highway Thaw Helpful, But Will Keep Resolution Alive
1967.3.                  --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: Never Too Late to Buy Hoosier Easter Seals
1967.3.               39-67       Small Companies Endangered by New Automobile Standards
1967.3.               40-67       Bayh Asks Study on Problems Facing Limited Production Auto Makers
1967.3.                  --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: Does Crime Pay in America? It May Be Getting That Way
1967.3.               41-67       Bayh Renews Attack on Smut in the Mail
1967.4.8             42-67       Bayh Says Architects' Report "Final Blow" to Capitol Change
1967.4.8             43-67       Bayh Joins Effort for Curbs on Problem of Alcoholism
1967.4.11           44-67       Bayh Urges Greater Public Support of Crime-Fighters
1967.4.11           45-67       Women Are Majority, Bayh Says, But They're Still Underpaid
1967.4.9                --            Bayh-lines from Washington: Another Blow Struck Against Capitol Desecration
1967.4.10           46-67       Bayh Urges Senate Panel to Veto Poats Nomination
1967.4.10             --             Statement by Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
1967.4.12          47-67         Indiana Highway Program Now Assured, Bayh Says
    --                   49-67           April [15-29] Schedule
1967.4.15          50-67        Government, Press Share Responsibility to People
1967.4.15          51-67        Bayh Tells Hoosier Meeting Why He Is Opposing Poats
1967.4.16          52-67        Bayh Says Crime Costs Americans More Than $20 Billion Each Year
1967.4.              53-67        Clore Children Fund
1967.4.18          54-67        Bayh Says Presidential Electoral System Could Result in "National Chaos"
1967.4.20              --            Home Economics Students, Faculty at Purdue to Hear Mrs. Bayh
1967.4.                  --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: Cost of Crime to Americans Totals $20 Billion a Year
1967.4.19          55-67        Ohio School Gives Degree to Senator Birch E. Bayh [Miami University of Ohio]
1967.4.22          56-67        Bayh Urges Rapid Spreading of Medical Knowledge in U.S.
1967.4.24          57-67        Independent Businessmen Support Popular Vote, Bayh Tells Senate
1967.4.29.         58-67        Bayh Announces Hearings in May on Reform of Electoral College
1967.                 59-67        May [2-29] Schedule
1967.5.3            60-67        Bayh Seeks Representation for D.C. in U.S. House
    --                   61-67          Gift of Wood to Bayh is 23,000 Years Old
1967.5.                 --             Hearing Schedule May 16-18, 1967 on Electoral College Reform [Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments]
1967.5.12          62-67        Statement - Mismanagement of Drug Imports to Vietnam
1967.5.15             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Direct Election of the President
1967.5.13          63-67        Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner speech excerpts - Indianapolis
1967.5.16          64-67        Bayh Opens Hearings on Electoral Reform
1967.5.16          65-67        Bayh Statement Opposing Nomination of R. Poats
    --                       --               Bayh-Lines from Washington: Poats Battle Is Lost, But "War" May Be Won
1967.5.24          66-67        Bayh Announces Study to Be Made on Linking Port to Mississippi
1967.5.29             --             Bayh-Lines: A Woman's Efforts for the U.S. Flag
1967.6.2            67-67        Bayh Sets Disaster Hearing for June 9 in Dunlap, Indiana
1967.6.7            68-67        Criticism of Hoosier Air Pollution Effort Is Disputed by Senator Bayh
1967.6.5               --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Prompt Enactment of New Cold War GI Bill Should Be Congress' Goal
1967.6.10          69-67        Bayh Says New Farm Labor Rules Not in Best Interests of Agriculture or Nation's Youth
1967.6.8            70-67        Bayh to Present Flag to Munster Housewife
1967.6.9            71-67        Bayh Opens Disaster Hearing with Call for Broader Relief
1967.6.2            72-67        Bayh to Answer Questions at Opinion Dinner
1967.6.12          73-67        Bayh Co-Sponsors Two Bills to Aid Farmers
1967.6.12             --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: Proposed Farm Labor Rules Are Not in Best Interest of Agriculture
1967.6.19             --            Mrs. Bayh, Mrs. Bray to Aid Girls' State
1967.6.                 --            Mrs. Bayh Receives Award from Alma Mater
1967.6.22             --            Mrs. Bayh Is Featured at Mortar Board Lunch
1967.6.22             --            Red Cross Honors Work of Mrs. Marvella Bayh
1967.6.15          74-67       Bayh Cites Bank Robbery Statistics to Show Rise of Crime in Nation
1967.6.18          75-67       Bayh Co-Sponsors Bill Aimed at Protecting Small Businessman
1967.6.16          76-67       Statement Concerning Reports That Birch Bayh Might Be a Candidate for Governor of Indiana (press conference)
1967.6.21          77-67       Police Need "Men, Money, Machines," Bayh Declares
    --                      --              Bayh-Lines from Washington: Members of Marketing Association Should Be Protected Against Processor Discrimination
    --                   78-67         Indiana Schedule [June 25-July 4]
1967.6.23         79-67       Bayh Offers Amendment to Help Small Car Makers
1967.6.26         80-67       Juvenile Crime Is Key Problem, Bayh Declares
1967.6.                --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: Air Quality Act of 1967 (S. 780)
1967.6.23         81-67       Bayh Joins Effort in Senate for Firm U.S. Mid-East Stand
    --                   82-67        Summer Interns
1967.6.29         82-67       GI's Buddy, "Meatball," to Fly Home, Bayh Says
1967.7.2           83-67       Bayh to Investigate Arab Refugee Problem in Israel
    --                     --               Itinerary of Senator Bayh in Israel, July 5-10
1967.7.7           85-67        Bayh Calls Meeting to Seek Solution to Alewife Problem
1967.7.10             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Interns Learning Government First Hand
1967.7.17             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Hails Restrictions of Dairy Imports
1967.7.12             86-67     Bayh Opens Second Session of Electoral College Reform Hearings
1967.7.13             87-67     Bayh Seeks Aid to Solve Alewife Problem
1967.7.14             88-67     Bayh Criticizes Officials for Lack of Interest in Eisenhower Lock Deterioration
1967.7.15             89-67     Bayh Sets Tour and Meeting to Consider Alewife Problem
1967.7.21             90-67     Senator Birch Bayh's Schedule for Boat Tour of Lake Michigan Beaches July 21 to Inspect the Alewife Problem
1967.7.19             91-67     Bayh Supports Bill to Encourage Private Industry to Create Jobs in Slums
1967.7.18             92-67     Bayh Introduces Bill to Repair Seaway
1967.7.20             93-67     Bayh Reminds Miami Indians of July 31 Claim Deadline
1967.7.19             94-67     Bayh to Present 4 Greenspan Checks
1967.7.21             95-67     Bayh Conducts Alewife Tour
--                             phone   Bayh Urges Step Up of Vietnam Pacification Effort in South
--                             phone   Bayh Calls for Realignment of Combat Troops in Vietnam
1967.7.20             --             View from the Capitol - Special Friends [missing]
1967.7.27             96-67     Bayh Resumes Disaster Relief Hearings
1967.7.27             --             Statement before Subcommittee on Roads of the Committee on Public Works on S. 438
1967.7.28             97-67     "Meatball" Comes Home Friday
1967.7.26             --             Bayh Chairs Lakeshore Meeting (press briefing)
1967.7.29             --             Address to Young Democrat Convention - Indianapolis
1967.8.1               98-67     Great Lakes Basin Commission Consulted on Alewife Problem
1967.7.31             99-67     Bayh Slaps SBA "Misinformation"; Seeks Restitution for Disaster Victims
1967.7.31             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Subcommittee Continues Work on Disaster Relief Legislation
1967.8.4               100-67   Bayh Renews Call for Direct Election of President at Annual American Bar Association Meeting
1967.8.7               --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Fundamental Education Board Aims at Self-Help, Bayh Says
1967.8.6               101-67   Communications on Time Problem Due by October 20
1967.8.9               102-67   Bayh Deplores Defeat of Amendment Prohibiting Export-Import Bank Financing of Arms Sales
1967.8.14             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Hosts Meeting to Discuss Dunes Park
1967.8.12             103-67   Bayh Urges Support of $200,000 for Lamprey Program
1967.8.17             104-67   Bayh Bill Seeks River Basin Studies, Including Wabash
1967.8.28             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Agricultural Conservation Program allocation of $5 million to Indiana
1967.8.28             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Congressional action to raise farm income
1967.8.25             105-67   Bayh Expresses Concern Tax Increase Will Depress American Economy
1967.8.26             106-67   Bayh Condemns "Both Extremes" in Reaction to Urban Rioting
1967.9.1               107-67   Bayh Seaway Bill Receives Support from Transportation Department
1967.8.25             108-67   Greenspan Checks of $29,240 to seven local units
1967.9.3               109-67   Bayh to Spend Labor Day in Northern Indiana Area
1967.9.4               --             Bayh Says Cal-Sag "Another Step" in Economic Growth of Calumet
1967.8-9               --             View from the Capitol
--                             110-67   Indiana Schedule for Recess, Sept. 7-10
1967.9.18             111-67   Bayh Protests Foreign Subsidy of Canned Ham
1967.9.18             --             Bayh-Lines: Government Employees and Their Right to Privacy
1967.9.21             112-67   Bayh Joins Effort to Protect Small Businessman from Looters
                                113-67   Senator's Schedule for Two Weeks (Sept. 22-Oct. 1)
1967.9.23             114-67   "Summers of Violence" Pose Complex But Solvable Problems, Bayh Says
1967.9.24             115-67   Bayh Urges More Active Role for Local Government
1967.9.25             116-67   Bayh Says Arabs and Israelis "Must Meet Face to Face"
1967.9.25             --             Bayh-Lines: Bayh Praises Indiana Head Start Program
1967.9.22             --             Bayh Announces New Recreational Facilities for Fountain Square Area in Indianapolis
1967.9.28             117-67   Bayh's Indianapolis Office Celebrates First Birthday
1967.10.1             118-67   Bayh Present Greenspan Checks
1967.10.1             119-67   Meeting with Fort Wayne Young Presbyterian Men's Club
1967.9.29             120-67   Bayh Proposes Study of Long-Term Financial Support for Schools
1967.9.29             121-67   Bayh Urges Strengthening of Family Farms
1967.10.9             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Sees Great Need for Close Contact with Indiana Voters
--                             122.67   Bayh's Indiana Schedule (Oct. 3-13)
1967.10.2             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Details Work of Indianapolis Office
1967.10.5             --             Bayh Warns That Riots Breed Anarchy in U.S.; Bayh asks SBA to invoke disaster relief for Jasonville businessmen
1967.10.6             123-67   Bayh Urges Companies to Speed Anti-Pollution Effort on Lake
1967.10.3             123-67   Earnings of Aged, Without Loss of Social Security, Should Be Raised Sharply: Bayh
1967.10.7             124-67   Bayh Urges Greater Responsibility by Local Government for Services
1967.10.14           125-67   Bayh Praises East Chicago Mayor John Nicosia for Lake Michigan pollution reduction efforts
1967.10.1             --             Indiana Schedule of Senator Birch Bayh, October 1967
1967.10.               125-67   Indiana Schedule - October 12-30
1967.10.14           126-67   Bayh Warns Compulsory Arbitration Could Lead to Government Ownership
1967.10.15           127-67   Bayh Says Postal Workers Deserve Pay Comparable to Private Industry
1967.10.14           128-67   Bayh Assails Plan to Alter Capitol; Urges Expert Panel to Advise Congress
1967.10.17           129-67   Bayh Says Women Are Nation's Number-One Political Force
1967.10.17           130-67   Bayh Urges Passage of Senate Version of Public Works Bill
1967.10.16           --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Urges Support for the Keep Indiana Beautiful Program
1967.10.20           131-67   Senate Hearings to Open on D.C. Representation
1967.10.20           132-67   Bayh Repeats Call for Restoration of Funds for Patoka Reservoir Construction
1967.10.22           132-67   "Medical Profession Must Provide 'New Directions' in Health Care"--Bayh
1967.10.21           133-67   Bayh Points Out Gains for Bloomington Created by Monroe Reservoir and Lake Lemon
1967.10.23           --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Urges Christmas Gifts for American Servicemen Overseas
1967.10.25           134-67   Bayh Mounts New Attack Against Proposed Cutback on Highways
1967.10.30           --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Senator Bayh Praises Crop Insurance Program
1967.11.4             135-67   Senator Bayh to Spend Day in Spencer County
1967.10.26           135-67   Mrs. Bayh Opposes 1-cent Raise on Mail from Non-Profit Groups
1967.11.6             136-67   Bayh Announces Witness List for D.C. Representation Hearing (includes hearing schedules Nov. 8-9)
1967.11.7             137-67   Bayh Proposes "Year-Round" Teachers -- to Work at "Year-Round" Salaries
1967.11.10           138-67   Bayh Announces Formation of Committee to Counsel Veterans on Job Opportunity (includes list of committee members)
1967.11.8             139-67   Bayh Urges Representation in Congress for People of District of Columbia (includes opening statement from hearing)
1967.                     140-67   Yes, Lori, There Are Cherry Trees at the Washington Monument
1967.11.15           141-67   Bayh to Give Economic Report at NATO Meeting
1967.11.20           --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Announces Formation of Committee to Counsel Veterans on Job Opportunities
1967.11.27           --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: New Day of Dignity for Senior Citizens
1967.11.22           142-67   Bayh Amendment to Society Security Measure Passed by Senate 50 to 23 [missing]
1967.11.               142-67   Committee to Consider Bayh Disaster-Aid Bill
1967.11.29           143-67   Polish People Consider U.S. Leader of Freedom, Cardinal Tells Senator Bayh
1967.11.               --             Bayh to Report on Warsaw Meeting with Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski
1967.11.29           144-67   Statement by Bayh on Statements and Actions of President DeGaulle
1967.12.4             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Our Patience with DeGaulle Has Been Exhausted
1967.12.9             145-67   34-Member Board of Directors to Guide Hoosier Committee for Veterans: Bayh
1967.12.11           --             Bayh-Lines: 34-Member Board of Directors to Guide Hoosier Committee for Veterans
1967.12.8             146-67   Senator's Statement Proposing Possible Prosecution of Stokely Carmichael
1967.12.10           147-67   Bayh Raps "Short- Sightedness" in Deletion of Measure for Aged
1967.12.14           148-67   Bayh Tells Businessmen That Veterans' Group Gives Individual Chance to "Do Something"
1967.12.18           --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Carmichael Should Be Prosecuted
1967.12.20           --             Excerpts from a Statement by Senator Birch Bayh, Indiana, Announcing His Forthcoming Visit to Vietnam [p. 1 only]


Note: Press releases started consistently coming from the Senator Bayh for Senator office after he announced his candidacy.

1968.1.6               1-68       Bayh Leaves Saturday for Vietnam Tour
--                              --            Birch Bayh Birthday Program Scheduled for February 10, 11
1968.1.12             2-68       Bayh Demands That White House Follow Mandate on Brookville
1968.1.15             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Freeze on Public Works Funds Must Be Rescinded Promptly
1968.1.17             3-68       Bayh to Appear on Bishop Show Coast-to-Coast, Jan. 22
1968.1.18             4-68       Bayh Assured That Loans from FHA to Be Speeded
1968.1.22             5-68       Bayh to Be Guest Tonight on Joey Bishop TV Program
1968.1.23             6-68       Third Annual High School Government Conference Is Announced by Bayh
1968.1.29              --            Bayh-Lines from Washington: Bayh Staff Recaps Senator's Actions in 90th Congress
1968.1.29              --            Vietnam Itinerary
1968.1.                  7-68       Senator Bayh's February Schedule
1968.1.29             8-68       Bayh Joins Anti-Alewife Effort
1968.1.31              --            Bayh, Northern Indiana Leaders Urge Senate OK of Cal Sag
1968.1.                  9-68       Bobby Darin, Dick Curtis to Headline "Birch Bayh Birthday Party" Feb. 10
1968.1.                  10-68     Major Policy Statement on Vietnam to Be Made in Indianapolis by Bayh
1968.2.                  11-68     Bayh to Make Statewide TV Report to Hoosiers on Vietnam on Feb. 4
1968.2.                 nbsp; --&            Statement on H.R. 2516 - Interference with Civil Rights
1968.2.2               12-68     Statement - Excerpts from The American Stake in Vietnam
1968.2.5               13-68     Secretary Gardner, General Walt to Participate in Indiana High School Leadership Conference
1968.2.4               14-68     Bayh Says U.S. Is Capable of Handling Red Offensive
1968.2.8               15-68     The Voice of Turtle "George" Is Heard in Indiana, Georgia and D.C.
1968.2.9               16-68     Bayh Says U.S. Role in Vietnam is "To Stop Communist Aggression"
1968.2.10             17-68     Bayh Asks Students to Make "Renewed Commitment" to U.S.
1968.2.9               phone   Bayh Says U.S. Must Get "Pueblo" Back
1968.2.12             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Public Works Projects Are Moving Ahead Here
1968.2.13             18-68     1968 Easter Seal Child Presented in Washington
1968.2.19             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: High School Conference Again Proves Ability of Hoosier Youth
1968.2.14             19-68     Bayh Defends Westmoreland [missing; no folder]
1968.2.16             20-68     Bayh Sets Farm Meetings for February in Indiana
1968.2.19             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: High School Conference Again Proves Ability of Hoosier Youth
1968.2.                  --             Bayh's Schedule Feb. 27-Mar. 3
1968.2.8               21-68     Bayh Praises Morale, Sense of Purpose of U.S. Men, Women  in South Vietnam
1968.2.28             22-68     Bayh Announces Academy Nominations
1968.3.1               23-68     Indiana Schedule for Senator Birch Bayh, March 1968 [includes one sheet of schedule from Mar 11-Oct 18, 1968)
1968.2.29             24-68     Bayh Hails Replacement of Two South Vietnamese Generals
1968.3.4               --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Kerner Report Forces Us to Face Some Hard Truths
1968.2.12             --             UAW Washington Report (Birch Bayh Profile)
1968.3.1               25-68     Bayh Blasts Senate Behavior as "Glorified Kindergarten"
1968.3.5               --             Testimony before the Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution on S. 470 granting Congressional approval of Illinois-Indiana Air
                                               Pollution Control Compact
1968.3.6               26-68     Bayh Schedules Additional Farm Meetings during March
1968.3.9               27-68     Bayh Proposes Strategic Reserve for Major Agricultural Crops
1968.3.10             --             Mrs. Bayh's March Schedule for Indiana Is Announced
1968.3.11             28-68     Bayh Announces U.S. Plans Five Wabash Valley Reservoirs
1968.3.11             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Chronic Farm Problems Must Be Cured--Now!
1968.3.11             --             Remarks to the Wabash Valley Association
1968.3.13             phone   Bayh Applauds Firing of Province Chiefs
1968.3.18             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: A Strategic Reserve for Crops Could Stabilize Farm Prices
1968.3.                  --             Remarks at REMC Meetings
1968.3.20             phone   Bayh Blasts Polish Communists for "Repression of Freedom"
1968.3.                  --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: High School Issue [missing, no folder]
1968.3.25             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: There's More to the Price of Bread than Meets the Eye
1968.3.                  29-68     Bayh Warns Administration: Hands Off in Jet Engine Controversy
1968.3                   --             Mrs. Birch Bayh Schedules Indiana Appearances
1968.3.31             --             Mrs. Bayh Urges Women to "Get Involved" in Politics
1968.3.31             30-68     Bayh's Office Announces Indiana Schedule for April
1968.4.1               --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Tax Loopholes Spur Unfair Competition
1968.3.31             --             Reaction to President's Announcement of Withdrawal [missing, no folder]
1968.4.4               31-68     Amendment to Auto Safety Act Hailed as "Little Man's Victory"
1968.4.3               32-68     Senator Birch Bayh Comments on Hanoi Announcement--4/3/68
1968.4.5               33-68     Hoosier Farmers Face Unfair Competition Due to Tax Structure
1968.4.                  34-68     Bayh Spends Busy Weekend in Indiana; Talks to Youth, Women, Retired Workers
1968.4.15             34-68     Senator Bayh Announces Time Solution
1968.4.5               --             Martin Luther King Statement
1968.4.6               --             Bayh Discusses Vietnam, Indiana Primary on Radio
1968.4.5               --             Bayh Urges Rural Communities to Take Lead in Development
1968.4.8               --             Bayh to Tour Richmond Disaster Area
1968.4.8               --             Senator Attending King Funeral
1968.4.8               --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: King's Death a National Tragedy; But Gives Us a New National Purpose
1968.4.15             --             Marvella Bayh to Deliver Home Show Message from --Lady Bird -- Speak before Women's Groups in Area Next Week
1968.4.17             --             Excerpts from Speech to Indianapolis Junior Chamber of Commerce, April 17 (crime)
1968.4.16             --             Bayh and Roush Announce Federal Contracts to Magnavox Company
1968.4.                  --             Excerpts from remarks in Terre Haute to Association for the Education of the Child
1968.4.22             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Helping Young People in Farm Careers
1968.4.24             --             Congressional Record Reprint: Bayh speech to Senate, "Better Training for Foreign Service Officers"
1968.4.                  --             Wife of Indiana Senator to Address Regional Meeting of American Association of University Women
1968.4.30             35-68     Senator Bayh Urges Continued Investment and Expansion in Education
1968.5.2               36-68     Bayh Predicts "Ultimate Victory" for Electoral Reform; Young Voters
1968.4.30             --             Statement, Public Works Subcommittee, Committee on Appropriations [Calumet-Sag Waterway, Burns Waterway Harbor]
1968.5.2               --             Statement, Public Works Subcommittee, Committee on Appropriations [Wabash Valley projects]
1968.4.30             38-68     Bayh Sets Hearings on Proposal to Permit 18-year-olds to Vote
1968.5.2               39-68     Bayh Urges Sharp Reduction of U.S. Troops in Europe
1968.5                   --             Marvella Bayh on Four-Day Personal Appearance Tour
1968.5.3               40-68     Bayh Praises President for Start of Peace Talks
1968.5.9               --             Bayh Raps Federal Delays in Aiding Mental Health
1968.5.11             41-68     Bayh Urges States to Act in Curbing Air Pollution
1968.5.12             42-68     First Round of Hearings to Begin to Lower Voting Age to Eighteen
1968.5.6               --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: It's Time to Bring Home the Troops from Europe
1968.5.13             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: The Problem of Dirty Air
1968.5.14             --             Statement of Senator Birch Bayh: Lowering the Voting Age
1968.5.16             43-68     Bayh Sees "50-50" Chance of Senate Approval for Voting-Age Reduction
1968.5.20             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: 18-Year-Olds Should Now Be Permitted to Vote
1968.5.16             44-68     Senator Bayh to Present Milltown Senior, John Hammond, with $1000 Senate Scholarship Saturday in New Albany
1968.5.                  --             Congressional Record Reprint: Bayh on National Painting and Decorating Week
1968.5.17             --             Bayh Pushes 5% Raise for Postal Workers
1968.5.21             45-68     Bayh Urges Approval of Indiana Projects Despite Report Delay
1968.5.21             --             Statement of Senator Birch Bayh before Subcommittee on Flood Control - Rivers and Harbors, Senate Committee on Public Works
1968.5.24             46-68     Bayh Raps Two Congressmen, Writer for Series on Gary
1968.5.27             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: New Wabash Valley Projects Would Save $3 Million a Year
1968.5.28             --             Mammoth Bayh Rally Scheduled for Wabash Valley Fairgrounds
1968.5.28             47-68     Bayh Rams Disaster Relief Amendments through Senate
1968.5.31             48-68     Bayh Urges Prompt Actions to Speed Farm Flood Relief
1968.6.7               --             Bayh Announces Decision to Seek Second Senate Term [includes detailed resume plus article on Bayh from Crossroads] [Press
                                               conference rescheduled for June 14 because of assassination of Robert Kennedy] 
1968.6.7               --             Robert F. Kennedy [statement]
1968.6.11             --             Bayh Renews Bid to Include U.S. 41 in Interstate System
1968.6.13             49-68     Bayh announces Small Business Seminars This Month in Indiana
1968.6.13             50-68     Bayh to Hold News Conference Friday on Political Plans  [postponed from June 7 because of Robert Kennedy assassination]
1968.6.14             --             Statement to the People of Indiana [asking for their support for Senate bid] [announcement made at June 14 press conference]
1968.6.                  --             Indiana Democratic Convention: Introduction of Bayh by Vance Hartke, Fourth Draft of Party Platform
1968.6.21             --             Mrs. Bayh, Mrs. Bray to Serve as Party Leaders at Annual Girls' State
1968.6.20             51-68     Bayh, in Busy Weekend, Makes Nostalgic Visit
1968.6.20             52-68     Bayh Dedicates New Inland Steel Air Pollution Control Equipment
1968.6.21             --             Statement by Bayh Accepting the Nomination of the Democratic Party for U.S. Senator from Indiana
1968.6.23             53-68     Bayh Announces Speakers for SBA Conferences
1968.6.22             54-68     Bayh Cites "Urgent Need" to Reduce Work Hazards
1968.6.25             --             Bayh Expresses "Disappointment" in Failure to Cut Military Funds
1968.6.25             55-68     Bayh Subcommittee to Consider Four Constitutional Changes [direct election of the President, Congressional representation for
                                               the District of Columbia, 18-year-old voting age, equal rights for women]
1968.6.27             56-68     Bayh Calls for Local and National Effort to Aid Buyers, Sellers in Low-Income Areas
1968.6.28             --             Disabled American Veterans Commander Presents Award to Bayh
1968.6.28             57-68     Bayh Spells Out Plan to Aid Business and Buyers in Low-Income Communities
1968.6.28             --             Bayh Asks Veterans to Be Vigilant in Battling Crime in America Today
1968.6.29             58-68     Bayh Suggests Tax Incentives to Businessmen to Open Stores in Low-Income Areas of Cities
1968-6.28             --             Remarks at Farewell Dinner for Bishop Richard C. Raines, Indianapolis
1968.7.2               --             Bayh's Indiana Schedule July 3-6
1968.7.12             59-68     Legionnaires Urged by Bayh to Make "Personal Commitment" to Fight Crime
1968.7.12             --             Bayh to Launch Campaign for Re-election at Terre Haute Rally, Indianapolis, Luncheon, Shirkieville Farm Reception
1968.7.12             60-68     Bayh Warns Business, Labor Against Permitting Control by Government
1968.7.14             --             Bobbs-Merrill Publishes Book by Bayh on 25th Amendment
1968.7.14             61-68     Bayh Schedules Follow-up Alewife Tour to Observe Effectiveness of Programs<
1968.7.11             62-68     Subcommittee Pigeonholes Amendments on D.C. Representation, Direct Vote
1968.7.17             62-68     Bayh to Appear on "Today Show" July 18 to Discuss New Book
1968.7.16             63-68     American Bar Association Honors Bayh, Others for 25th Amendment
1968.7.17             --             Marvella Bayh to Host 40 Children from Head Start Program on Tour of Riley Home and at Picnic Lunch
1968.7.18             64-68     "Autograph Party" Highlights Senator Bayh's Indiana Weekend
1968.7.18             --             Senator Bayh to Kick Off Campaign in Three Area Swing Friday in Indianapolis, Shirkieville, Terre Haute
1968.7.19             65-68     Bayh Says Candidate Cannot Be "All Things to All Hoosiers"
1968.7.19             66-68     Bayh Proposes "New National Priorities" to Finance Needed Projects, Cut Others
1968.7.18             67-68     Bayh accuses colleagues of being blinded by glamour of space program
1968.7.18?           --             Capehart Named Citizens for Bayh Coordinator
1968.7.18?           --             Citizens for Bayh Kickoff Luncheon July 19
1968.7.18?           --             Bayhs to Be Feted at Speedway
1968.7.21             --             Bayh-Partisans [photo caption]
1968.7.20             --             Bayh Charges Congress Aids Fat Cats Ignores Small Farmers in Farm Voting
1968.7.20             68-68     Bay's Maneuver in Senate Opens Way for $68-Million Cal-Sag Project
1968.7.20             --             Excerpts from speech at Coalition for an Open Convention, Indianapolis
1968.7.20             70-68     Bayh Re-iterates Support for Fortas
1968.7.22             71-68     Bayh Says Hecklers of Mrs. Bayh "Not Representative" of Coalition
1968.7.24             --             Senator Bayh Will Visit South, Central Indiana in Three-Day Campaign Swing
1968.7.27             --             College volunteers to participate in Fort Wayne voter registration project
1968.7.28             72-68     Book Lists Bayh as One of 22 Senators Who Are "Very Able"
1968.7.29             73-68     Bayh Tells Farmers He "Reluctantly" Voted for Final Passage of Farm Bill
1968.7.29             --             Bayh-McClellan Amendment Adopted, 52-10; Will Enable Adding FBI Agents and DAs
1968.7.29             --             Senator Bayh's Schedule (Indiana) Aug. 3-5
1968.7.30             74-68     Bayh Says Duties as Senator May Delay Debate, But Does Not Rule Out Forum
1968.8.1               75-68     Bayh Urges Broader Role for Youth at Democratic National Convention
1968.7.31             --             Address by Senator Thomas J. McIntyre (D-New Mexico) on the floor of the Senate supporting Bayh for Vice President
1968.8.2               --             Bayh Asks McCarthy, Humphrey, to Meet with Indiana Delegates
1968.8.2               --             College-Age Volunteers to Converge on Indianapolis Satruday for Massive Voter Registration Drive
1968.8.4?             --             Senator Bayh Schedule [Indiana] Aug. 5-10
1968.8.7               76-68     Bayh Wires Eisenhower Family His Wish for Ike's Recovery
1968.8.7               --             College students to travel to South Bend for "Operation Bayh-Ways" volunteer voter registration project
1968.8.9               77-68     Bayh Says Non-Violent Change is "Greatest National Challenge"
1968-8.9               78-68     National Publications Feature Bayh
1968.8.10             79-68     Government Involvement in Labor Disputes Could Bring "Big Brother" to U.S.: Bayh
1968.8.10             80-68     Senator Bayh Schedule [Indiana] August 10-16
1968.8.10             81-68     Bayh Tells Steelworkers That Corruption in Vietnam "Hurts Every American Citizen"
1968.8.11             82-68     Bayh Scores GOP Candidates for "Total Disregard of Needs for Youth, Negroes"
1968.8.12             83.68     Gun Controls Should "Help Curb Crime, Not Infringe on Legitimate Uses": Bayh
1968.8.12             84-68     Bayh "Startled and Pleased" by Mention from Humphrey as Vice-Presidential Prospect
1968.8.12             85-68     Bayh Receives Assurances That Youth Will Play Role at Democrat Convention
1968.8.12             --             Bayh-Lines from Washington: Congress Must Come to Grips with Deep-Seated Farm Problems
1968.8.13             86-68     Bayh Urges 4-Point Program for Vietnam, Including Supervised Free Elections (includes statement at Democratic Party Platform
1968.8.14             87-68     Bayh Challenges Ruckelshaus to "Put Up or Shut Up" on Meeting
1968.8.14             88-68     Bayh Warns Against Apathy in Modern Labor Movement
1968.8.14             --             Text of Letter from Bayh to Hale Boggs, Chairman of Democratic Platform Committee supporting direct election as platform plank
1968.8.15             89-68     Senator Bayh to Accept Painting for President Truman Library
1968.8.15             90-68     Senator Bayh Proposes Airlift for Biafrans
1968.8.15             91-68     Bayh Plans to "Completely Discredit" Ruckelshaus' "Chief Campaign Charge"
1968.8.16             92-68     Statement countering Ruckelshaus' charge
1968.8.18             93-68     Senator Bayh Schedule (Indiana) August 18-25
1968.8.19             95-68     Bayh Fights Fire in North Vernon; Family Says It Might Have Perished
1968.8.20             96-68     Bayh to Introduce Keynoter; Will Testify on Direct Election [Democratic National Convention]
1968.8.20             97-68     Bayh Says Biafra Airlift Idea "Picking Up Considerable Support"
1968.8.23             98-68     Bayh Asks Democratic Platform Group to Back Lowering the Voting Age to 18 (Includes Statement to Democratic Platform Committee)
1968.8.23             99-68     Bayh Forecasts "Grave Dangers" if Electoral College Continues (Includes statement to Democratic Platform Committee)
1968.8.26             --             Bayh Introduction of Senator Daniel Inouye, Keynote Speaker to Democratic National Convention
1968.9.4               100-68   Bayh Demands U.S. Farm Flood Assistance for Nine Counties Previously Turned Down
1968.9.5               101-68   Bayh Pledges New Effort to Move Electoral Reform from Committee
1968.9.7               102-68   Schedule (Indiana) for Senator Birch Bayh Sept. 7-12
1968.9.7               103-68   Department of Agriculture Yields to Demands from Bayh; Grants Nine Counties Flood Aid
1968.9.12             --             Stewart Announces Opening of Delaware County Bayh Campaign Headquarters
1968.9.13             --             Speech Excerpt, Richmond
1968.9.13             --             Millikan Announces Opening of Tippecanoe County Bayh Campaign Headquarters
1968.9.11             104.68   Senator Edmund Muskie, Democratic Nominee for VP on Hoosier Campaign Tour (Includes Muskie's Itinerary for Indianapolis, Sept.
                                               11, 1968)
1968.9.12             105-68   Bayh Announces Expanded Richmond Housing Plans
1968.9.14             107-68   Bayh Says Economic Growth Brings Not Only Wealth But Responsibility
1968.9.15             108-68   U.S. Goal in Latin America "Peaceful Revolution": Bayh
1968.9.14             109-68   Bayh to Convene Indianapolis Hearing of Senate on Economic Development
1968.9.16             110-68   Compulsory Idleness for Elderly Evil as Compulsory Slavery: Bayh
1968.9.17             --             Baldoni Announces Opening of St. Joseph County Bayh Headquarters
1968.9.16             111-68   Bayh Proposes Expanding Medicare to Many Receiving Social Security
1968.9.17             112-68   Excerpts from remarks via telephone to Indiana Association of Cities and Towns meeting in Evansville Sept. 17
1968.9.19             113-68   Senator and Mrs. Bayh to Visit Seven Hoosier Colleges Sept. 26
1968.9.18             114-68   Bayh Announces Grant to Board for Fundamental Education
1968.9.18             115-68   Bayh Announces $3.3 million Contract for Noblesville Firm
1968.9.19             116-98   Bay Rips LBJ on Highway Freeze; "Again Ignoring Will of Congress"
1968.9.19             117-68   Funds Approved for New Park in St. Joseph County Area
1968.9.20             118-68   Bayh and Montana Senator Metcalf introduce bill to limit farming intended to operate at a loss (includes Congressional Record of
                                               Sept. 19, 1968 with his statement)
1968.9.20             119-68   Time Magazine Supports Bayh Proposal for Direct Election
1968.9.20             --             Senator Birch Bayh's Schedule (Indiana) Sept. 21-27
1968.9.21             120-68   Terre Haute Youth May Have Chance at Dream of Playing Pro Baseball
1968.9.21             --             Excerpts from Bayh speech at IDEA convention in French Lick
1968                       --             "To My Friends in Local 9:" [statement, speech?]
1968.9.21             122-68   Bayh Urges Democrats "Not Be Lulled by Big Lead in Recent Opinion Polls"
1968.9.23             123-68   Bayh Says Black Americans "Still Have Faith in Nation"
1968.9.24             124-68   "60s Could Be "Time of Trouble" for Members of Organized Labor"
1968.9.23             125-68   Bayh to Have "Breakfast" by Phone with 320 Women
1968.9.24             126-68   Community Self-Determination Program Proposed by Senator Bayh
1968.9.24             128-68   Joan Kennedy to Campaign in Indiana on October 2
1968.9.24             129-68   Bayh Says U Thant "Naïve" in Posing Vietnam "Poll"
1968.9.25             130-68   Bayh to Discuss "Great Issues" During "Bayh Day on Campus"
1968.9.26             131-68   Bayh Terms Electoral College as "Foundation for Chaos"
1968.9.26             132-68   Bayh Blasts Those Who Vow End to War "Without Saying How"
1968.9.26             133-68   Bayh Advocates Draft by Lottery; Eligibility for Only One Year
1968.9.26             134-68   Indiana Schedule for Sept. 27-29
1968.9.26             135-68   Bayh to walk through Terre Haute Sept. 27 to greet constituents
1968.9.28             136-68   Bayh Proposes Decentralization of Health Care Throughout Nation
1968.9.27             137-68   Bayh Partisans to Go Country-Western on Saturday Evening
1968.9.26             --             Joan Kennedy Indiana Visit Drawing National Attention (includes tentative schedule)
1968.9.27             140-68   Bayh Plans Full Day of Campaigning in Fort Wayne Monday, September 30
1968.9.28             141-68   [Evan] Bayh Elected Vice President (of the Seventh Grade, That Is]
1968.9.30             142.68   Bayh Says Government Economy Means Priorities
1968.10.1             143-68   Bayh Says "Half-Truths, Nasty Implications Won't Fool People"
1968.9.30             144-68   Roush and Bayh Announce New Post Office for Fort Wayne
1968.10.1             145-68   [Joan] Kennedy Visit to Indiana
1968.10.1             146-68   Date of Mrs. Bayh Flag Presentation to Black Oak Gary Library is Changed
1968.10.4             146-68   Bayh Says "Law and Order Issue May Ignore Real Problems" in America
1968.10.8             147-68   Bayh Says "Senator Who Cares" can "Do the Job for Indiana"
1968.10.4             147-68   Bayh Schedules Helicopter Tour
1968.10.7             --             Senator Bayh Urges College Students Be Guaranteed Right to Vote in November
1968.10.9             148-68   Bayh Says Choice of People Should Become President
1968.10.9             149-68   Bayh to Spend Full Day in St. Joseph, Elkhart Area
1968.10.9             150.68   Bayh to Join Humphrey at Evansville Visit
1968.10.10           --             Citizens for Bayh press release of wire to Ruckelshaus from Notre Dame football coach Ara Parseghian objecting to implied
1968.10.10           151-68   Consumer Better Protected in Recent Years than Ever Before: Mrs. Bayh
1968.10.13           152-68   Bayh Says Crime Will Never Be Rooted in Slogans
1968.10.12           153-68   Senator Bayh Makes Surprise Visit at ISU Award Presentation to Father
1968.10.14           153A-68  Joan Kennedy's Indiana Visit Continues to Make Headlines
1968.10.15           --             Address by Hubert H. Humphrey at Vanderburgh County Democratic Central Committee Annual Dinner, Evansville, October 14, 1968<
1968.10.16           154-68   Bayh Proposes Industrial Tax Relief to Aid in Combatting Air Pollution
1968.10.17           155-68   Bayh Foresees Multi-Million-Dollar Savings Through Wabash Canalization
1968 10.16           --             Testimony of Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana at the Public Hearing on October 16 on Improving Navigation on the Wabash from the
                                               Ohio River to Lakes Michigan and Erie
1968.10.17           156-68   Bayh Asks Opponent to Read 2 Letters to the People
1968.10.18           157-68   Bayh Urges Action on Crime -- Not Slogans
1968.10.17           158-68   Bayh endorsed by Evansville Press and Louisville Courier-Journal
1968.10.17           --             Senator Bayh Eyes a Second Constitutional Amendment: Mrs. Bayh<
1968.10.18           159-68   Mrs. Myers, Mr. Deluse Named Leaders of "Bucks for Bayh"
1968.10.18           160-68   Bayh Says Opponent Missed 219 Votes; Asks Him to Explain "Mystery Vote"
1968.10.21           161-68   Bayh Urges U.S. Government Talk to People behind the Iron Curtain
1968.10.21           163-68   Bayh Tells Steelworkers of Savings to Taxpayers from End of Corruption
1968.10.21           --             Mrs. Bayh to speak on education as key to urban problems
1968.10.22           164-68   Mike Mansfield Tells Look That Bayh Strong Advocate of Lower Voting Age (includes Mansfield telegram to Bayh granting permission
                                               to use his telegram to Look)
1968.10.22           --             Mrs. Bayh Relates Role of Senator Bayh in Restoring Money for Highways
1968.10.22           166-68   "The Promise of the Land" on TV to Feature Senator Bayh )
1968.10.21           167-68   Bayh Substitutes for Ailing Wife; Says She'll Return This Week
1968.10.21           --             Newspaper clippings on gun control accusations by Ruckelshaus
1968.10.23           168-68   Bayh Tells Works of Economy Record; Urges National Priorities
1968.10.23           --             Senator Bayh First to Fight Corruption in Vietnam: Mrs. Bayh
1968.10.23           169-68   Bayh Urges Railroad, Government to Aid Grain Elevator Tie-up
1968.10.22           170-68   Bayh Comments on Allegations of Opponent
1968.10.22           171-68   Television Program to Feature Mrs. Bayh
1968.10.23           172-68   Bayh Leads All Candidates in Indiana State University Poll
1968.10.24           173-68   Bayh Says Electoral Reform "Key Issue" in '68 Campaign
1968.10.24           174.68   Baseball Great Jackie Robinson to Campaign for Senator Bayh
1968.10.24           175-68   Evansville Courier Endorses Bayh
1968.10.25           176.68   Bayh Proposes Southeast Asia Peace Force to Maintain Peace
1968.10.26           177-68   Bayh Says Crime Prevention Must Remain Local Responsibility
1968.10.25           178-68   National Leader for 18-Year-Old Voting Praises Bayh's Efforts
1968.10.25           --             Schedule of Mrs. Marvella Bayh Oct. 30-November 2
1968.10.25           --             Mrs. Bayh Says Architects Have Challenge to Build More Viable Communities<
1968.10.25           179-68   Farmers Give Lead to Senator Bayh
1968.10.26           180-68   Bayh Says "Politics of Slander Will Backfire on Opponent"
1968.10.26           181-68   Bayh Keeping Up with the Joneses; Purduvians Keeping Up with Bayh
1968.10.28           182-68   Bayh Urges Opponent to Say What He's For
1968.10.28           183.68   Bayh Cites Accomplishments, Effect on Lake County Area
1968.10.28           184.68   Bayh Says Peace Plan Is U.S Responsibility
1968.10.27           185.68   Gary, Fort Wayne Papers Back Bayh; Independent Poll Has Bayh Leading
1968.10.28           188-68   South Bend Paper Lauds Bayh for Debating Foe
1968.10.30           189-68   Bayh says poll-watchers and write-in votes are part of our democracy
1968.10.30           190-68   News story from Indianapolis News of Oct. 30 reporting Indiana Council of Churches challenge to Ruckelshaus position on para-
                                               mutuel betting
1968.10.31           --             Mrs. Bayh Describes Senator's Steel Fight That Is Saving Country $15 Million Annually
1968.10.31           191-68   Bayh Urges Group to Back Direct Election Proposal
1968.10.31           192.68   Bayh Reaffirms Support of Bomb Halt in North Vietnam
1968.11.1             193-68   Bayh Says "Reason and Reflection" Indicate No Politics in Bomb Halt
1968.11.               --             Editorial - Exclusive to IDEA Editors [in support of Bayh]
1968.11.1             194.68   Bayh Buoyed by 3rd District Support
1968.11.2             195.68   Bayh to Tour Southside Indianapolis and Make Gibson County Speech Today
1968.11.2             196-68   Bayh Winds Up Campaign in Lake, Marion Areas
1968.11.2             197.68   Bay Confident--But Will Continue to "Hustle"
1968.11.4             198-68   Bayh Fears House Deadlock, Senate Filibuster in Electoral Scramble
1968.11.4             199-68   ICC Acts on Bayh Request to Help Farmers Move Grain
1968.11.5             200-68   Bayh Keeps Campaigning Throughout Election Day
1968.11.20           201-68   Senator Bayh to Appear on "Meet the Press"
1968.11.29           202-68   Bayh Poll Indicates Hoosiers Favor Gun Control; Cuts in space and Aid
n.d.                        --             Senator Birch Bayh on Older Americans (Senator Bayh for Senator at bottom of back)