The Indiana University Bicentennial Oral History Project collected alumni stories beginning in 2008 and expanded to stories from alumni, faculty, and staff at all Indiana University campuses in 2016. The mission of this project was to record, preserve, and make available to future generations the memories and experiences of IU alumni, faculty, and staff university-wide. This online exhibition highlights some of the diverse voices and memories from the collection of over 1,500 interviews. To access more oral histories, visit the project website at: To date the IU Archives is not actively collecting new oral histories while it focuses on processing those already collected. Contact the IU Archives ( with questions. 

photo of Betty Empson

Betty Empson

B.S. in Home Economics, 1944, IU Bloomington.

Read the full transcript (PDF) of Betty Empson's oral history interview. 

black and white portrait of Gloria Scott

Gloria Randle Scott

B.S. in Zoology, 1956; Ph.D. in Higher Education, 1965, IU Bloomington. (Please note that Dr. Randle’s interview was one of the first conducted for the project in 2009, and the recording equipment at the time resulted in poor audio quality.)

Read the full transcript (PDF) of Gloria Randle Scott's oral history interview. 

portrait of Jim Sherman

Jim Sherman

Professor Emeritus, Psychological and Brain Sciences, IU Bloomington.  

Read the full transcript (PDF) of Jim Sherman's oral history interview.

portrait of Doug Bauder

Doug Bauder

Former Director, LGBTQ+ Culture Center  

Read the full transcript (PDF) from Doug Bauder's oral history interview.

cassidy clous and tony foster in the archives stacks for their oral history interview.

Tony Foster

B.S. in Business Administration, 1997, IU East. 

Read the full transcript (PDF) from Tony Foster's oral history interview

portrait of Terry Clapacs

Terry Clapacs

B.S. in Marketing, 1965; M.B.A. in Organization Behavior, 1968. Staff member in Physical Plant, Manager of Construction Contracts with the Architect’s Office; served as Athletic Director, Vice President, and Chief Administration Officer. 43 years of employment at IU.

Read the full interview (PDF) of Terry Clapacs' oral history interview.

two women posing and sitting

Ramona Holsinger

M.S. in Education, 1948, IU Bloomington.

Read the full transcript (PDF) from Ramona Holsinger's oral history interview