The majority of holdings housed at the Archives of Traditional Music are discoverable using the resources below. Additional information on searching various IU search and discovery tools for ATM collections can be found in this research guide.

IUCAT Online Catalog System

IUCAT is the online catalog system for Indiana University's main and regional campuses. IUCAT terminals are located in all IU libraries or via an internet web browser at Visitors to Indiana University's IUCAT system can conduct basic or advanced searches for ATM holdings. Most ATM field collections and commercial holdings are cataloged in IUCAT. The IUCAT system allows searches across multiple libraries in the entire Indiana University system. To restrict a search to the holdings of the Archives of Traditional Music, a user should make an advanced search and then select the ATM in the Library drop down menu in the left panel (see screen capture).

Media Collections Online

The holdings of the Archives of Traditional Music are being digitally preserved through several initiatives. We expect that most of the holdings of ATM will be digitally preserved by 2020. However, online access to these holdings will happen more slowly as metadata is processed and any legal and ethical restrictions to online delivery are evaluated. Collections and commercial recordings are being made available through Media Collections Online (MCO). ATM recordings are linked to MCO from IUCAT directly when available, or searchable within MCO. However, we recommend IUCAT as your primary search tool.

Image Collections Online

Photographic holdings of the ATM are becoming available online through Image Collections Online (ICO), a showcase for image collections from the Indiana University community. Photographic holdings which have not yet been digitized can be available on site with assistance from the ATM staff.