MDPI staff member adjusts the mandrel to play a cylinder.
MDPI staff member adjusts the mandrel to play a wax cylinder from the ATM.


The Archives of Traditional Music engages in numerous projects to fulfill our mission to preserve and provide access to our holdings. Externally- and internally-funded projects provide us with opportunities to establish collaborative relationships with scholars, other archives, technologists, librarians, and communities. They are also opportunities to explore and develop solutions, software, and workflows that support the work of the ATM and the archiving community at large. Through the research and development pursued in projects such as Sound Directions or the EVIA Digital Archive we have grown, tested new ideas, and achieved basic functions of the Archives. Funding within a university context is limited and special projects allow us to make progress towards preserving and providing access to our holdings beyond what our everyday staff configuration will allow. It is not unusual for ATM staff to be involved in three or more projects at any given time as a leader or a participant.

Information about some of our current and recently completed projects is below.