The American Slavery Collection, 1820-1922

"The Sibyl," which is an engraving in a book depicting a small group in a heavily forested area huddling under a thatched structure.

The recently acquired American Slavery Collection, 1820-1922 is a great edition to the ever growing body of digitized primary source materials for the study of the history of slavery.  Bringing together books, pamphlets, ephemera and graphic materials all with a focus on Slavery in America, the collection covers a pivotal one hundred years in American history.  Whether you are interested in the economic aspects of agriculture in the South during the late 19th century, the history of the slave trade, or simply want to read Uncle Tom's Cabin in Swedish, Danish, German and French you can find something of use here.  The collection is of interest to researchers in numerous disciplines seeking a better understanding of this important period in America's past.

-Tim Berge