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AMA is a style guide for medical and scientific authors and editors.
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The 10th edition of the AMA Manual of Style includes a broadened international perspective and expanded electronic guidelines, as well as attention to ethical and legal issues, with detailed guidelines on authorship, conflicts of interest, scientific misconduct, intellectual property, and the protection of individuals' rights in scientific research and publication. Also examines research ethics and editorial independence and features new material on indexing and searching, and medical nomenclature. Contents: Types of articles -- Manuscript preparation -- References -- Visual presentation of data -- Ethical and legal considerations -- Editorial assessment and processing -- Grammar -- Punctuation -- Plurals -- Capitalization -- Correct and preferred usage -- Non-English words, phrases, and accent marks -- Medical indexes -- Abbreviations -- Nomenclature -- Eponyms -- Greek letters -- Units of measure -- Numbers and percentages -- Study design and statistics -- Mathematical composition -- Typography -- Manuscript editing and proofreading -- Glossary of publishing terms -- Resources.

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