IUScholarWorks works with Indiana University’s Media Collections Online to ensure your video files are both available to watch and securely archived. Preservation for any content stored in IUSW is guaranteed for perpetuity by the university, ensuring access to your content far beyond other external video hosting services for which the university pays subscriptions, such as Kaltura. This is because all items deposited in the repository receive a stable, permanent URL so that readers will always be able to find it. By depositing your videos in IUScholarWorks, your content is safer because it is harder to download and redistribute without explicit permission, unlike other sites such as YouTube. 

Regardless of how much content you currently want to make available or plan to make available in the future, the IUScholarWorks team will facilitate deposit for all media content. If you link us to current storage that hosts all of your video content, we will deposit any and all videos you wish to make available on your behalf. Once we have helped you upload your back content, we will work with you to create a quick and easy workflow team for future deposits: as simple as your team having speakers/video creators filling out a quick online proxy form, and then uploading your videos and slides to our media dropbox. We will then facilitate the creation of the item, ensuring it meets your standards for metadata while guaranteeing preservation and the right level of access. 

Once a video is up in IUScholarWorks, anyone can access the file with the permanent link, no login required. This also tracks basic statistics for items, such as views- meaning that faculty speakers in particular can place presentations on their CVs and use IUScholarworks to boost their assessments and dossiers. You can read additional information on the benefits of our repository on the IUScholarWorks features page.

You can check out examples of previous video collections in IUScholarWorks, including lecture series with invited speakers, instructional videos for classroom use, and research society webinars.

Please contact iusw@indiana.edu and upload any video files you wish to deposit to the IUScholarWorks Video Upload Form to get started.