These record schedules were officially approved by the Academic Officers Committee (AOC) on January 31, 2003. This means IU administrators, faculty and staff can implement these retention schedules and be in total compliance with Indiana University legal guidelines and best practices.

The retention periods for each record series represents the MINIMUM period of time the records must be retained. After that specified time, the records can be destroyed, but they are not required to be. If there are good administrative reasons for retaining these records for a longer period, then by all means, do so. Please remember, however, that maintaining records has a price tag; costs for storing, managing, accessing and preserving records can add up quickly.

The schedules are divided into originals and copies. In most cases the original record will be stored and managed in the Office of Academic Personnel Policies and Services (APPS) in Bryan Hall, and the copies will reside in the individual department, school or administrative office. However, for some types of records, the individual office, department or school will have the original, and no copy will be available in APPS .

The prominent pattern for records with short-term retention periods is to retain the original for at least 5 years and the copies for at least 2 years. Exceptions to this general rule exist for some of the promotion and tenure records and for the graduate AI records.

A good many record series are designated as permanent, with the instruction to send the records to the University Archives. Again, most of these permanent records will be located in APPS. However, in some instances the individual office, department or school may have original, permanent records. In these cases, office personnel should contact the University Archivist at 855-5897 regarding the disposition and transfer of this material.

Finally, some record series may not be included on this schedule. In these cases, please contact the University Archivist, who will help create a disposition schedule for those record series.

Records schedule