Digital Collections Services (DCS) fosters and supports the creation, curation, discovery and preservation of digital collections for Indiana University Libraries (IUL). Our department also works closely with IU Bloomington faculty, students and staff as well as internal and external organizations on the development of digital scholarship initiatives. We foster partnerships that often provide opportunities for innovation, which extend the Libraries’ technical infrastructure, services, and in some cases, digital content. We connect multiple units and people across the Indiana University Libraries and Indiana University (IU) Bloomington, as well as other IU campuses, by providing consultation and services for the creation, discovery and sharing of digital special collections and digital research projects.

We are responsible for three main areas that are integral to the development and growth of the IU Libraries’ digital special collections and the IU Libraries' technical infrastructure:

  • Digitizing of special collections owned by or affiliated with the IU Libraries
  • Creating and maintaining digital library services that provide workflows to curate, preserve and make accessible content online for teaching and research
  • Advancing knowledge and research in digital scholarship


DCS staff consults across all the dimensions involved in planning a digital project, from selection of content to online publishing. Areas of particular expertise include:

We offer general consultation in the following areas:

  • Collection development and materials selection
  • Copyright and intellectual property issues
  • Data curation and data management
  • Digital Arts + Humanities in partnership with the Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities 
  • Geospatial visualization
  • Metadata 
  • Open access scholarship
  • Software/Web site development
  • Textual analysis and visualization

Visit our current consultation schedule.

Digital Library Services

Within the IU Libraries, DCS offers a variety of services for conversion, curation, and storage of content into our Fedora digital repository for preservation and access. These services include workflows, tools, and best practices for online representation of content, and are designed to support specific content types or formats:

Outreach & Training

We are actively engaged in outreach within the IU Libraries and the Bloomington campus as well as at national and international conferences pertaining to the use of technology as a significant mode for digital scholarship and inquiry.

Since 2003, we have been coordinating the Digital Library Brown Bag Series, which continues to cultivate interest from IU affiliates and beyond. The series originated with a focus on digital libraries – standards, tools, and trends in the field – but has since expanded to include all areas and topics relevant to digital scholarship, including digital humanities and open access publishing. The Brown Bag Series focuses on local practices and emerging trends, and is intended to encourage participation in digital library and digital research projects and initiatives. These presentations are broadcast online so anyone with Internet access can participate. Visit the Digital Library Brown Bag Series schedule for more information.

In addition to the Digital Library Brown Bag Series, DCS also coordinates and leads various training and outreach opportunities as part of the IU Libraries’ Scholars’ Commons.

If you are interested in presenting in our Digital Library Brown Bag Series or are interested in organizing a workshop around a particular topic, please contact us at diglib @ indiana . edu.