More than free textbooks

"The staff and librarians at IU Libraries remain the best in the world. Each year in this season, many of us are working to plan courses--especially reading-intensive graduate courses--in ways that are pedagogically impactful without obligating our students to purchase their own copies of required books. And in this season, our colleagues in the libraries quickly find and implement new ebook arrangements, round up print copies to place on reserve, and do so much more to help our students succeed.

When we think about the costs of graduate education we have to keep our incredible libraries in mind. The bookstore (used) costs for my F516 books is $114.75. The lowest available online (used) cost (yesterday) was $83.62. But F516 students will have access to both print reserve copies and ebooks for no cost ( them, but significant costs to IU). In addition, one title (not in this calculation, but also available thus) is free to all readers courtesy of IU Press. And this calculation does include journal articles and book chapters from JSTOR, ProjectMuse, Scholarly Publishing Collective, and various for-profit publishers.

Once upon a time, students lined up outside places like Kinkos to purchase expensive, spiral bound photocopy packets. (In more ancient times, they purchased staple bound paper reprints.) Thank you IU Libraries! Thanks also for all publishers working towards the goal of open access."

- Jason Baird Jackson, Ruth N. Halls Professor, Folklore and Anthropology, posted July 2022.