2020 International Day of UN Peacekeepers

Website banner for the 2020 International Day of UN Peacekeepers. Banner shows three women peacekeepers in uniform. Text reads: "women in peacekeeping: a key to peace. 29 May International Day of UN Peacekeepers."

Every year, the United Nations celebrates an International Day of UN Peacekeepers on May 29. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 1325, which recognized the vital role of women in peacekeeping. This year's International Day of UN Peacekeepers celebrates the anniversary of the resolution with the theme "Women in Peacekeeping: a Key to Peace".

Women peacekeepers make invaluable contributions to peacekeeping. They help improve overall peacekeeping performance, have greater access to communities, especially to women, and therefore, help in promoting human rights and protection of civilians.

The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Check out the official website for the International Day and this informative library research guide for more on peacekeeping and the importance of women peacekeepers.